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In today’s world, everyone wants to appear youthful, stylish, and appealing. In the cosmetic sector, hair colors are the most important component. Hair colors are used by the majority of men and women to cover white hairs or to modify the color of their natural hairs. It is used by a large number of young people to make them seem more fashionable. It comes in a variety of hues, including black, red, brown, and colorful stones. Because the chemicals in these hair colors are extremely delicate and reactive, appropriate packaging is required. Cardboard, Cardstock, and Eco-friendly Kraft paper are used to make custom hair color boxes. The hair colors are protected from environmental effects by this robust container. This packaging comes in a variety of unique shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns to entice people to pick up the hair colors. We print in CMYK and PMS. We print the logo, usage directions, and ingredients, as well as appealing graphics and bold text. We also utilize high-quality inks to print color schemes that match clients’ hair color shades, allowing them to purchase the goods of their choosing. Die-cut windows can also be used in packaging to allow us to see the goods within.


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    Grow Your Company with Custom Hair Color Boxes For Your Hair Goods

    High-quality, custom printed hair color packaging boxes may improve your company’s image and boost your sales. Customers are drawn to Packaging Desires because of the beautiful custom boxes they produce. Imprint your brand logo to let your buyers know about your brand items and improve the trust factor thus far.

    Hair dyes are one of the most important cosmetic items in the world. Thousands of individuals use it to style their hair. Depending on the location, it is available in a variety of  hues should be the first choice when it comes to packaging such beautiful and bright hair color products. As a result, the hair colors stand out from the swarm of similar goods.

    Boxes can be customized in terms of material, style, shape, and design. By adding a window patch to custom boxes, buyers can view what’s inside. When it comes to hair dyes, they might be fragile and come in pencils or plastic bottles. If they’re going to be more secure, then they should be packaged in robust packaging.

    You May Improve the Appearance of Hair Color Boxes by Printing and Polishing Them:

    A variety of alternatives should be available for custom printing and finishing in order to make the hair color boxes more informative and appealing. A full list of product characteristics would make it easier for buyers to comprehend what they are buying. If the packaging box is empty and boring, buyers won’t know whether or not they should buy the product or not.

    One-color printing is incredibly cost-effective. If you want your packaging boxes to be printed on only one side, you can select the CMYK printing option. The 2 CMYK printing option is require for two-color printing. There are a lot of options when it comes to packing extension boxes. Other custom finishing techniques include Spot UV, embossed and textured finishes in matte and glossy. With all of these finishing possibilities, you can turn your package into a fantastic marketing and promotional tool that will aid in your product’s sales success. Thanks to custom hair spray packaging, you may appeal to thousands of potential customers and amaze them all at once.

    Hair color boxes have become a popular way to package nearly all types of hair products. Enjoy total relaxation and peace of mind when you work with us on designing and customizing packaging boxes for your high-end hair products. This packaging and printing firm has been serving the requirements of thousands of businesses for over a decade.

    Packaging Desires is Committed to Quality:

    High-quality hair color boxes are essential for grabbing the attention of clients. If you want a repeat customer, you need to pay special attention to the personalization of your product packaging boxes.

    If you would like a free quote and a custom packaging box. Shoot us an email through our website or contact us at our toll-free lines listed on the website.

    Boxes for packaging and advertising hair color cosmetics are extensively used in the industry. Quality packaging is used by retail shops, cosmetic businesses, and many other companies to compete with one other. This would not be possible without the cosmetic product’s high-quality packaging, as many firms are releasing and competing with new goods.

    Types Of Printing & Material Which We Deal

    From eco-friendly paperboard to rich coatings and finishes, your product packaging will be strikingly alluring and appealing.

    UV and Spot UV


    Gold Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stamping


    Silver Foil Stock




    Printed Blind UV


    Cardboard Stock

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